To keep the outdoor activity courtyards clean and beautiful in order to provide an inviting peaceful atmosphere for the elders outdoor enjoyment. 

Scope of Responsibilities

  •  Clean-up landscape as needed, including sweeping walkways & pruning woody ornamentals
  •  Trim, deadhead plants
  •  Dispose of yard waste into yard waste bins
  •  Plant annuals and perennial plants, as requested in all raised flower beds and pots
  •  Fertilize as requested (after bulb bloom for all bulbs, periodically for perennials, after bloom for rhododendrons)
  •  Assist vine plants in growing up the trellis in HH courtyard through purposeful placement or using ties
  •  Stake other plants, as needed (ex.-lilies with stakes plus twist ties, salvia with string)
  •  Remove hoses and nozzles from storage unit and put in place ready for use, return to storage after emptying in  the fall water as needed, 2-3 times a week in hot months (July and August)
  •  Weed as needed
  •  Plant seeds in the fall in the indoor pots
  •  Water and prune indoor plants
  •  Keep patio furniture clean and wiped down each visit

Training and Supervision

Green House Homes Shahbazim

Minimum Time Commitment

May through October.  Can be done as a one time service project, every other week, or monthly.  Hours are flexible.

Qualifications & Expectations

  • Self directed and friendly
  • Reliable
  • Minimum: 14 years of age
  • Ability to complete the physical tasks of landscaping


  • Satisfactoin of helping improve a person’s quality of life by preparing an inviting outdoor space for the elders to enjoy.
  • Gain experience in a home based atmosphere of a senior retirement community.



Volunteer Services Coordinator
Porter Hills Village Retirement Community
3600 E. Fulton St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
616-954-1799 EXT. 10233
Email the Volunteer Coordinator