Friendly Visitor

Friendly Visitors at the Green House Homes provide elders with the opportunity to interact socially, make choices and try new things.

Tasks and duties

  • Encourage elders to communicate with others
  • Escort elders to and from various events and programs
  • Visit elders to establish contact on a regular basis to assist the elder in building relationships, stimulate communications, and to increase self identity
  • Report how visti went to staff


  • Desire to work with older adults
  • Dependable and punctual for scheduled visits
  • Ability to push a wheelchair
  • Enjoy one-on-one conversations with others
  • Must be able to create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth and personal interest
  • Self directed
  • Minimum age 14 years


  • Interaction with elders
  • Satisfactionof helping improve a person’s quality of life



Green House Homes

If interested, contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator or Porter Hills Village Volunteer Services at 616-954-1799 ext. 10233.