Covid-19 Vaccine Administration Update

To: All UMRC & Porter Hills Residents, Participants, Families and Team Members
From: Steve Fetyko, President and CEO
Date: December 09, 2020

After many long months of waiting, we have been informed the COVID-19 vaccine is on its way! Pending final FDA approval of the vaccine, the very first Michigan residents will be able to begin receiving their doses before the end of December.

This is wonderful news! Many of us long to share hugs, welcome our families, and bring our smiles out from behind our masks, and receiving the vaccine is a critical step to that day. And the timing couldn’t be better. As we flip our calendars to 2021 and begin to look forward to the new year, this vaccine brings with it a great deal of renewed hope.

There are still some details yet to be determined as our state and federal public health officials work to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to people across the nation. We will provide updates regularly. Please select the appropriate level of care below for additional care level specific information and contact information for questions:

Independent Living Residents, Families & Team Members – view details

Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Residents, Families & Team Members – view details

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