Rebound. Restore. Renew.


Perhaps you received a new diagnosis or scheduled a hip or knee replacement—now is a great time to plan your rehabilitation. Or maybe you are experiencing chronic pain or muscle spasms. Rehabilitation following illness, injury or surgery can pose special challenges for older adults. Our professional staff can help, providing a range of rehabilitation services guided by the recommendations from your doctor.

Locations for care

Porter Hills provides specialized rehabilitation services in a variety of settings, customized to meet your specific needs.

We provide high quality rehabilitation therapy aimed at getting you back home to resume your normal activities. Care is offered at the Health & Rehabilitation Center at Porter Hills Village and for residents of THE GREEN HOUSE® homes.

We collaborate with your physician and other health care professionals to deliver rehabilitation therapy and other restorative services in the comfort of your home.

I Prefer

Did you know that unless you communicate your choice for rehabilitation or home health care providers, that decision may be made for you? The I Prefer Porter Hills program is a free service that helps declare your choice of Porter Hills or one of our family of partners to those involved with your health care decisions. It’s easy to participate—call us today!