I Prefer

It’s all about choice

JDQ_9592-PS-765pxDid you know that unless you communicate your choice for rehabilitation or home health care providers, that decision may be made for you? The I Prefer Porter Hills program is a free service that helps declare your choice of Porter Hills or one of our family of partners to those involved with your health care decisions. By participating and designating Porter Hills as your preferred choice, you will receive:

  • Continuity of care from our staff coordinators who will assist with your pre- and post-hospitalization needs and advocate on your behalf with doctors and hospital staff
  • Quality rehabilitation therapies offered by our expert therapists. These services may take place at our Health & Rehabilitation Center or through Porter Hills Home Care
  • An I Prefer Porter Hills wallet card to present on occasions when care planning is involved
  • Updates on the latest care, services and home technologies available

It’s easy to participate! Sign up today to ensure you receive the care that you prefer.

Call 616-301-6200 to request a participation form, or e-mail us with your request at iprefer@porterhills.org.