Health Monitoring

Aware and prepared with health information

We use specialized technology that allows you and your doctor to better manage a health condition in the comfort of your home. A monitoring device allows you to check your vital signs and symptoms, and use your home telephone to automatically send data to a registered nurse for evaluation.

It’s a simple, streamlined process that can help you detect changes in health and avoid emergency room visits.


People who have chronic conditions or concerns, such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure or diabetes, appreciate the convenience of this monitoring technology, and the confidence that it gives them in their choice to stay at home.

A physician’s order is required to begin an in-home technology-based health monitoring plan of care. Please contact your doctor to determine if health monitoring is appropriate for you or your loved one and to check Medicare eligibility. You may also purchase this service if it is not otherwise covered. The monitoring device, made by Philips®, is also available for a small monthly fee.

For more information please call us at 616-949-5140 or send us a message.