Choose the life you want


When you work with Porter Hills, you have access to the very best living and care options available to older adults in West Michigan. Expect deep expertise and capability, through our investments in next-generation elder care and our partnerships with other leading providers. Count on an extraordinary breadth of choices, designed to meet the complete spectrum of needs across the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of wellness.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

Home Care

Receive the care of professionals in the comfort of your own home. Porter Hills Home Health Care services allow older adults to stay in familiar surroundings with licensed nursing, health monitoring and more.

Independent Living

Enjoy virtually maintenance free living in beautiful homes, town homes and apartments with access to excellent community amenities.

Assisted Living

Maintain your autonomy with just the right services, features and amenities, catered to meet your unique needs.

Skilled Nursing

Experience high quality, fully licensed nursing care, delivered in a small-scale setting with the comforts of home. Learn about the innovative approach at THE GREEN HOUSE® homes, where we provide this care.


Recover from illness or injury at home or as part of in-patient care, with our team of expert therapists.


Exemplary spiritual and physical care that creates a peaceful experience for the dying and their loved ones, provided through an ecumenical collaboration.

Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

Consider a supportive, social alternative to nursing care. LifeCircles, a PACE program, offers low-income seniors who qualify for nursing care the option to stay home with social and medical supports.

Your choice

Did you know that unless you communicate your choice of healthcare provider, that decision may be made for you? Declare your choice of Porter Hills or one of our family of partners to those involved with your health care decisions.