Porter Hills Foundation

The Porter Hills Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to support the mission of Porter Hills as trusted experts serving seniors with grace.


Thank you for your overwhelming support of our incredible Healthcare Heroes at UMRC & Porter Hills!  Over $1 million has been raised for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, and $767,000 has already been dispersed to our direct care team members to help them – and their families – with emergency needs throughout this crisis.  Your generosity has made an immediate and positive impact for our frontline team members.

“Thanks to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, my rent bill was covered, giving me one less thing to worry about.  I can never say ‘thank you’ enough.” – frontline caregiver

 “As the COVID-19 pandemic began, UMRC & Porter Hills knew the financial and emotional strain this would put on our 740 dedicated ‘Healthcare Heroes’ shore to shore and their families,” said Wendy Brightman, President of the UMRC Foundation and Porter Hills Foundation.  “The older adults we serve are the most susceptible to the illness, yet our direct care teams run toward the danger to provide the best possible care.  We are grateful and honored to be able to support those who provide outstanding care and services for our residents and PACE participants.”

For more ways to support the Porter Hills Foundation, including the Emergency Aid and Staff Scholarship Funds for team members, contact us at 616.577.2297 or email advancement@porterhills.org