Builder Fund

Investing in capital projects with expected payback


The Builder Fund was created to invest in Porter Hills capital projects and includes an expected payback. Fueling bricks-and-mortar projects that expand the capabilities of Porter Hills campuses is the intention of the Builder Fund. The Builder Fund is part charitable contribution and part investment loan.  Just as investors in the for-profit sector expect to see a return on their investment, so too will the Porter Hills Builder Fund Investors see a return.

The first project of the Builder Fund: Transforming Porter Hills Capital Initiative.

Transforming Porter Hills Capital Initiative

Aging is everybody’s business. 10,000 people turn 65 every day in America. Over 39 million people have reached the age of 65. In 2030, that number will nearly double to 73 million.

The Porter Hills Foundation invites visionary investors to join us in the Transforming Porter Hills Capital Initiative. As a national leader in the industry sectors of aging services and post-acute healthcare (all non-hospital settings) of seniors, Porter Hills continues the advancement of these industries through the evolution of two of its housing communities, Porter Hills Village and Cook Valley Estates. In doing so, Porter Hills broadens its considerable expertise in the healthcare of seniors to their living environments, creating spaces that expand the physical, emotional and spiritual care provided within the grounds of Porter Hills Village and Cook Valley Estates.

Investment Opportunity

The Transforming Porter Hills Capital Initiative is a $20 million renovation and new construction capital project at Porter Hills. The plan is to allow appropriate patrons who qualify as “accredited investors” to make an investment matched with a charitable gift, providing both financial and social impact returns.

This website notice is NOT an offer, which will be made only to select patrons through a confidential offering document in accordance with law.

To learn more about our high-impact giving opportunities, contact Porter Hills Foundation at 616-949-4975 or send us a message.