Happy Holidays from the People of Porter Hills!

The people of Porter Hills make it a special place
of warmth, dignity, & grace.

The need for benevolent care continues to grow.  

Every seven seconds another American turns 65. The majority of those people will most likely outlive their resources.  Imagine the worry and sadness for families having to make changes to residence and care as resources change. Porter Hills residents, however, do not know that worry, thanks to our benevolent fund. 

“I have wonderful visits with my dad almost every day, and when I am working or traveling with my husband, I don’t have to worry.  There is never any doubt that Dad is doing well.  The staff are like family. 
They care for dad like I do.

Cheryl – Daughter of GREEN HOUSE® Home resident, Al 

Donating means giving warmth, dignity and grace to an older adult who deserves to live out life without worry or disruption…

It currently costs $220 to provide just one day of care to just one senior in need.  The average stay for an individual on benevolence care is one year. That is $80,300 per yearThere is no greater gift than being surrounded by special people who love and care for you in your time of need.  

You are one of the People of Porter Hills who make it a special place for residents, clients, and their families.  Thank you for generously sharing your gifts with us!

 “Going on outings, volunteering with Generations Child Development Center and the Store of Treasures Resale Shop and getting to know our neighbors as friends have made this season of life meaningful and fun for us.”
Bob & Carol – Porter Hills residents & volunteers 

During this holiday season, please give this gift to a Porter Hills senior today!

Wishing you days filled with love and care this holiday season,

Mary Wagner, Porter Hills Governing Board Chair
Jay Wisentaner, Porter Hill Foundation Board Chair

 Or , please contact Porter Hills Foundation at 616-949-4975 or send us a message.