Angel Fund

Powering new programs designed for social impact and financial return


The Porter Hills Foundation has created a self-sustaining fund. Seeded 100% with charitable contributions, the Angel Fund will allow the Foundation to provide investment loans to Porter Hills for the start-up and launch of new programs.

Just like other investors of PRI funds, the Porter Hills Foundation expects to promote charitable activity as well as see a return on its investment. The repayment of investment dollars will be deposited back into the Porter Hills Angel Fund. Over time and as the Angel Fund grows, the Angel Fund will allow Porter Hills to self-fund many, if not all, future programs, projects and quite possibly all of its capital needs.

Angel Fund

Porter Hills continues to design leading-edge programs for the well-being and care of seniors.  Program success is measured in a number of ways, including a program’s ability to ultimately pay for itself and repay its start up costs.

The Angel Fund, funded 100% with charitable gifts, works like this: Porter Hills presents a proposal to the Porter Hills Foundation for each new program in need of funding for its start-up and launch.  Proposal descriptions include a social return as well as a loan repayment schedule.  At the end of the loan period, repayment will be made back into the Angel Fund.  This repayment creates a fund that is renewable and self-sustaining.

A donor to the Angel Fund only needs to give once.  Gifts are invested and reinvested to last forever.  And every dollar – not just income on investments – is used to fund life-changing programs.

To learn more about our high-impact giving opportunities, contact Porter Hills Foundation at 616-949-4975 or send us a message.