Nurse with elderly woman wearing mask


Thank you for helping us support our Healthcare Heroes at UMRC & Porter Hills!  The UMRC Foundation and Porter Hills Foundation are proud to announce the success of their COVID-19 Emergency Fund in support of our dedicated direct care team members.  Together, the foundations have raised over $1 million, $767,000 of which has already been dispersed to help address the emergency needs of frontline team members shore to shore.  Thanks to you, the COVID-19 Emergency Fund has made an immediate and positive impact for our frontline team members.  Click here to learn more

Supporting seniors for life

The Porter Hills Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to support the mission of Porter Hills as trusted experts serving seniors with grace.

All of us at the Porter Hills Foundation are grateful for YOU!  Thank you for partnering with us to ensure that the older adults we serve at Porter Hills are living lives filled with grace, purpose, and well-being.  Your generosity and kindness make this possible – both now and for years to come!

With a focus on the health, well-being, and security of older adults, as well as the education and retention of our outstanding staff team members, the Porter Hills Foundation’s four priority initiatives include:

  • Benevolent Care Fund, ensuring that eligible residents who outlive their financial resources always have a loving home at Porter Hills.
  • Employee Support Services, offering Staff Scholarships and Emergency Aid to support our outstanding Porter Hills team members in reaching their career and educational goals, or to lend a helping hand to those who experience an emergency causing financial hardship.
  • Capital Improvements, transforming existing buildings and constructing new ones that provide the utmost in personal comfort and amenities for Michigan’s growing population of older adults.
  • Life Enrichment for Older Adults, helping the older adults we serve at Porter Hills find their purpose, follow their passions, and live life to the fullest.

The Porter Hills Foundation was officially established as a separate 501(c)(3) in 1995 with a $3.5 million gift. Since then, donors like you have been generous partners in supporting the older adults served at Porter Hills.

Your gift is so appreciated and will be used to care for the needs of those we serve at Porter Hills.  All gifts to the Porter Hills Foundation remain local for your intended purpose.

To learn more about our giving opportunities, contact Porter Hills Foundation at 616-577-2297 or send us a message.