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Music Therapy: Brain Health & Positive Aging

May 8
12:00 pm
Community and Aquatic Center (CAC) Community Room
660 Forest Hill Ave
Grand Rapids, mi 49546

Sponsored by Porter Hills.

Research and evidence-based clinical practice have demonstrated the effectiveness of music toward the development and maintenance of brain health across the span of one’s life. Many people find engaging with music through attending concerts, playing an instrument, or simply listening to music creates joyful and meaningful experiences.

Formal music therapy is helpful for those who have had a stroke or are experiencing cognitive difficulties related to dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Learn how music can help to maintain brain health and improve brain functioning toward movement, cognition, emotional and social well-being. Presented by Edward Roth.

Lunch at 12 noon.
Presentation at 12:45 p.m.
Registration required.
Please call 493-8950 or register online.

Edward Roth, MM NMT-F, MT-BC currently serves as Director and Professor of Music Therapy, and as director of the Brain Research and Interdisciplinary Neurosciences lab at Western Michigan University. He has presented at the University of Queensland (Australia), National Institutes of Health (Maryland), Ramon Llull University (Spain) and Oxford University (England). His publications appear in music therapy, science and health-related journals. His research has focused on physical and cognitive rehabilitation following a stroke or traumatic brain injury and his more recent research has examined the neurological and physiological processes related to music improvisation. He has recently hosted the inaugural conference on Music, Mind, and Medicine: Creativity and Consciousness in Clinical Care in Kalamazoo.