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Early Stages of Dementia & Cognitive Impairments: Implementing Systems to Stay Safe

April 25
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Cook Valley Estates
1049 East Paris Ave SE
Grand Rapids, 49546

With over 50 million people currently affected by dementia and an estimated 10 million more cases every year, we will teach you systems to put in place and share tips to staying safe and healthy in your home.

How do you recognize it?
What do you do if you are diagnosed?
How do we learn new systems to stay safe in our home for as long as you choose?

30 minutes of Information. Followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.

Please RSVP to Kelly at (616) 464-2674


Presented by: Nicole Swart, MPA, BSW
Having worked with Seniors Moving Smarter for over 15 years in multiple capacities and passionately serving seniors in many stages of life during this time, Nicole will use her knowledge and expertise to educate, guide, and prepare you for a successful relocation within the continuum, while also answering all your questions.