Warm, smart, green






Porter Hills’ Green House® homes are designed like a private home, housing 10 elders, each with his/her own bedroom and full bathroom. The physical space is not meant to be “homelike”, but to be a home. Each home is a self-contained residence and includes:

  • Hearth areas combining the living room, dining room and open kitchen
  • Dining room with a table that seats all elders, staff, and two guests
  • Private bedrooms, each with a bathroom and locked medicine cabinet
  • Electronic ceiling lifts out of sight until needed
  • Fenced outdoor space with two-door access for wandering
  • Visual sight lines from the kitchen to the hearth area, bedrooms and outdoor space
  • Increased energy and resource efficiency with limited presence of toxins inside

Taking The Green House concept one step further, Porter Hills is the first nationally to apply for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) believing that the environmental, economic, health and community benefits will further enhance the lives of those living and working in The Green House homes. We successfully achieved the SILVER level of certification in March 2010.


The Green House model views food as an essential source of enjoyment, nourishment and engagement. The spirit of convivium calls upon us to linger, to savor and to draw strength not just from the food we are blessed to eat but also from the people with whom we are blessed to share our meal.