ggp091611_0937-PS-765Physical Assessment

When you arrive at Porter Hills’ Green House® Homes, please plan on a family member or patient advocate to be present with you to assist with the admissions process which will include:

  • Several evaluations are completed to understand the needs and desires of the resident.
  • A nurse will conduct a comprehensive physical assessment and ask questions about current and past medical conditions.
  • There will also be evaluations by a physician and staff from the therapy (physical, occupational and speech), social services, activities and dietary departments.


Several items are required to be completed upon admission by the State of Michigan, including:

  • Copies of both sides of all insurance cards including Social Security, Primary Insurance, Secondary Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Copies of Advanced Directives include Patient Advocate, Power of Attorney and Living Will.
  • Other paperwork including consents, authorizations, privacy notice, treatment options and a contract. The contract is required by the State of Michigan and is a ten page legal document that lists the name of the resident, the date services begin, the rate per day and payment information. The contract also includes information on physicians, prescriptions, contracted personal assistants, activities, meals, supplemental services, rights and responsibilities, contract termination, moves and personal items.

To learn more, contact 616-974-1989 today to schedule an appointment and see how Porter Hills might serve a family member, friend or loved one in our Green House® homes.