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Remembering Ingrid Weaver

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  1. Heather Watkowski says:

    My sincere condolences to the Weaver family during this very difficult time. Ingrid was an incredibly valued and respected colleague who will be missed by everyone she touched. She was a role model, mentor, and friend. I will dearly miss you.

  2. Jessica Scheuerman says:

    Our love goes out to Matt and the girls during this difficult time. Goodbye Ingrid, my colleague, advocate, mentor and above all my friend. I will miss you so much!
    -Jessica & Dusty Scheuerman

  3. Jessica Mays says:

    I can’t imagine what Ingrid’s family is going through but they are in my thoughts and prayers. I only know what she has meant to me and my family as a mentor and an un-replaceable staple of Porter Hills. Her finger prints are everywhere and the seniors we serve will all live a bit more gracefully because of her vision.

  4. Amy Jo Witucki says:

    I have known Ingrid for a long time. Ingrid was always very friendly to everyone. She always said hello to me and talked to me whenever we crossed paths. I will miss her. My prayers go out to Ingrid’s family.

  5. Monica Gyurnek says:

    The world has lost a magnificent, strong and caring woman today. Ingrid was my manager for 2 years. She had a true compassion for others and it showed everyday. She always had words of wisdom to offer on difficult days. She was so supportive when I too suffered a PE. I will never forget the surprise baby shower she had for me at her house. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

  6. Joanne Robinson says:

    Ingrid was a dear friend and colleague. I have so many memories that I will cherish forever.

  7. Erika Jager says:

    Ingrid you will be deeply missed. I looked to you as a role model and I can only hope that I’m half of the career woman you were. You were absolutely stunning!! I will pray for your family in this devastating loss. You will be sincerely missed. God bless my amazing lady!!

  8. Wanedia says:

    My condolences goes out to the weaver family may God be with you doing this difficult time . Ingrid was a very nice lady who always came through the Health Center and talk with the residents and staff and always gave nice complimences we will miss her smiling face around the Health Center God has gained another angel that’s for Sure again I am sorry for your loss will keep your family in my prayers.

  9. Cheri Holman says:

    This is very sad news! My condolences to the Weaver Family and the Porter Hills Family. RIP lovely lady

  10. Jennifer Feuerstein Muñoz says:

    I am so saddened to hear of Ingrid’s passing. My heartfelt prayers go out to her family and her extended family at Porter Hills. She was an influential woman who will be missed by so many in the community!

  11. Leslee Lewis says:

    I will always remember Ingrid as strong, smart and passionate about her work and her family. She loved what she did and was committed to giving seniors in all walks of life more graceful living. And in the same breath she could not wait to tell you how proud she was of Olivia and Maddie and how her great relationship with her husband made it possible for her to have this life and career she loved. People like that are rare and leave a deep impression on our lives. She will be sorely missed.

  12. Steve Karnes says:

    My condolences to the Weaver family and to the Porter Hills family on such a tragic loss. Everyone working in long term care will miss this intelligent, warm hearted person who was a leader in the field of caring.

  13. Chuck Jennings says:

    Our family has known Ingrid from the get go when Carol’s Mom entered Porter Hills and then chose to die there instead of the hospital in 1997. Ingrid was with us every step of the way. She was truly outstanding. Words can not describe how much we loved her and cared about her. Words can’t describe how important she was to me in my volunteer efforts with Porter Hills during all of my 30 years. God bless Ingrid and her family. I will miss her and always be grateful for her life and it’s interaction with our family and me.

  14. James Moyer says:

    When I was notified about Ingrid’s passing, I found myself sitting in a chair crying.

    There are very few words to express a loss of this type.

    You can only say a prayer and hope that the promise of life hereafter is a reality and that you will have an opportunity to meet again.

  15. Angela Moloney says:

    My heart aches for Ingrid’s family. We all lift you up in prayer, love and support during this tough time. Ingrid has been such a passionate, strong and an advocate for seniors and their families over her career. She always took time to ask how you were and extended her expertise and compassion to help you be your very best. When you needed a resource, your encyclopedia of Industry knowledge could be opened by just asking Ingrid. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with her. May her family feel lifted by the support of all those she touched.

  16. Patti (Smith) Holiday says:

    My heart is breaking. God took another Angel way too soon. Thoughts, prayers, hugs, and love going out to Matt and the girls, and her extended family. Ingrid was a beautiful person, inside and out.

  17. Alicia Junghans says:

    It’s difficult to be great at everything and Ingrid did just that and made it seem effortless. Her priorities were always in order. Wife, Mother and then an exceptional business woman. She has paved the way for so many women and has been a role model, mentor and friend to me for years. Her legacy leaves an impact in all of our lives, even those she never met. She has impacted the senior community by setting the bar to exceptional standards. I’m thankful she hired me many years ago and thankful for her cheering me on when I started my own business. So glad I had her to call on the tough days for an empathetic ear. I may have thrown the towel in years ago if she wasn’t cheering me on! She will always remain a role model to me. Prayers for Matt and the girls!

  18. Sheila Hollowell says:

    Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. You are in our prayers. I had the honor of knowing Ingred and she was a wonderful woman that alway showed compassion for porter hills and its residents and staff. You will be missed.

    • Pat Tolsma says:

      My heart goes out to the Weaver and Porter Hills Family. She helped make the organization a great place for seniors to live. I will miss seeing her smile.

  19. Martha Cudlipp says:

    Ingrid was a vibrant and beautiful person inside and out. I met her when her daughter Olivia was a member of the St. Cecilia Music Center orchestras. She was kind and thoughtful. My deepest condolences to her Porter Hills colleagues and especially to her immediate family. She will be deeply missed. Peace.

  20. Claire Davis Clary says:

    Ingrid was a lovely person and great friend. Her service to the Gerontology Network and the Widowed Persons Services board was beyond compare. My deepest sympathy to her family and Porter Hills family.

  21. Jim says:

    Matt you and the girls will be in our thoughts as you work your way through this tragedy.

  22. Allison (Bearss) Bradshaw says:

    My family has known Ingrid since Ingrid was a baby- my mother is very good friends with her mom, Tieke, who I can only imagine is beside herself in grief. Our hearts are breaking for all of the family, Matt, Olivia and Maddie. She was taken too soon.

  23. Roberta says:

    Ingrid, may you rest in eternal peace and continue to guide your family, friends, and community member with your warmth, wit, and love.

  24. Suzanne Haas says:

    We are a communications partner of Porter Hills. Ingrid participated in several strategic planning and branding sessions that we facilitated over the last several years. We were always impressed with her intellect and depth of understanding of Porter Hills as well as the entire industry. Additionally, she was an absolute delight to work with and know. She brought great value to everything she touched. We send our prayers and support to Ingrid’s family as well as her coworkers at PH.

  25. Ingrid was a friend to all who knew her and an asset to the field of aging. I will miss her personally and professionally. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and colleagues.

  26. David Layman says:

    The world will miss this extraordinary woman! To me, Ingrid always seemed to “own” the room, with her feisty intellect, with her poise and her grace. I admired that she cared so deeply about her work at Porter Hills, which was certainly cut short. I am so thankful for Ingrid’s friendship and will miss her dearly.

  27. Maggie Calkins says:

    Ingrid was a powerful advocate for the elders of Porter Hills and beyond, doing incredibly good things in so many ways. She will be missed by those who were blessed to have been included in her life. Prayers are going out to her family, both her personal and her Porter Hill families.

  28. Karen Messick says:

    I received the news from Larry late yesterday. I am speechless. My prayers for Ingrid’s husband, daughters and family. My prayers for the Porter Hills family. I will miss you, Ingrid. Many will miss you; we will all remember you and thank God for knowing you. Godspeed-

  29. Barbara Goodspeed says:

    Ingrid will be greatly missed. What an extraordinary loss. I was just getting to know Ingrid and already have developed tremendous admiration for her and all she represents. My prayers go out to her family, her friends and to all of her colleagues at Porter Hills.

  30. Sister Maureen Geary OP says:

    On behalf of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, I extend our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the Weaver family and the Porter Hills family. Ingrid was a key leader in the formation of our Marywood Health Center joint venture. Ingrid was an amazing healthcare professional with a true heart for mission. Over the course of many meetings we also enjoyed hearing of her love for and pride in her dear family. We are deeply saddened by her passing, and we promise our prayers for all who grieve her death.

  31. Philip Alt says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Weaver family. It is never easy to lose such a wonderful individual and to lose her so early in her wonderful life makes it even more difficult. I only knew Ingrid for a short period of time, but it was clear at how well respected she was and through the comments provided, how much she will be missed.

  32. I will never forget you Lady, you came to my apartment saw my dolls that I had made went home and had a dream you were sleeping with them
    Ingrid you also enjoyed the poetry I wrote.
    Rest in piece and just know you were one of a kind never to be forgotten.
    Carole M. Cook
    Porter Hills Resident

  33. Sylvia Simons says:

    She was one of the most precious women I have met in my career and my heart is heavy with her tragic passing. Her life was cut way too short and I will miss her dearly.
    Please know that I will continue to keep her family in thought and prayer as they begin this journey without this very special lady. I was so very blessed to count her as my friend. She was a real sweetheart in every way!
    Praying that God gives Matt, Olivia, and Maddie strength and courage.

  34. Paige Hendrickson says:

    To Matt, Olivia, and Maddie. Please know that Ingrid’s love for you was first and foremost in her life. Yes, she was an astute business woman, wise leader, sought after mentor, kind friend, and wonderful colleague, but those roles paled to being a wife and mother. She loved you -and you were her top priority. She is missed at Porter Hills because her fingerprints are everywhere. However, her spirit, kindness, and wisdom will live thorough you.

    • Casey Schwarze says:

      These are my sentiments as well Paige, I will miss going to her for advice and I can only imagine what the family is going through. She loves those girls and lived for them. She was a truly amazing woman.

  35. We are shocked and so saddened by the loss of Ingrid. Ingrid started at Porter Hills not long after I (Sue) began working there in the 1980’s. Dave and I have both worked with, volunteered with and socialized with Ingrid and she will be missed by so many. Her passion for life and for her family and her career were immeasurable. We are praying for all of her family. Many wonderful memories, she was a wonderful woman.

  36. Julie Fisk Meadowlark Retirement Village says:

    With a heavy heart i say i am so very sorry to hear of the passing of an amazing, caring lady. Thank you for all your wonderful services. You will be missed. My condolences to the family. May God help you all through the day’s ahead. God Bless and R.I.P. Ingrid.

  37. Cindy Havard says:

    On behalf of the Porter Hills Board of Directors, I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Weaver family. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this journey. Hold the memories of Ingrid close to your heart. The Porter Hills family grieves as well as we look around and see all the wonderful accomplishments that Ingrid contributed during her many years here. She truly lived her passion, serving seniors and it was evident every day. Ingrid was a leader, a mentor, an advocate and a very compassionate woman. She will be missed by the entire community.

  38. Armen Oumedian says:

    It’s been such a pleasure working with Ingrid. She’s shown such leadership. She’ll always be remembered for what she’s done for everyone else. She will be missed.

  39. Angela Bartusch says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Ingrid for a short period of time at Porter Hills and thing one I remember most is what a classy lady she was. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Weaver family as well as the Porter Hills family. Rest in peace our angel.

  40. Chad Tuttle says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with the Weaver and entire Porter Hills family. I was Blessed by knowing Ingrid and having the opportunity to work professionally with her. Her dedication to excellence, hard work, and compassionate care were evident from the moment I met her. She embodied the type of leader we should all strive to emulate and she has gifted us all with her lasting legacy.

  41. Charlie Vander Broek says:

    Deepest Sympathy to Ingrid’s family and all the colleagues at Porter Hills. Ingrid is one of my favorite people in the Leadingage circle. Poised, intelligent, empathetic, fun, and open to everyone. She was a wonderful model for a life well lived.

  42. Lisa McMIchael says:

    First and foremost my deepest heart felt sympathy to Matt, Olivia, Maddie and Teike. Then to all of us who also love her so dearly. I met Ingrid many years ago when we were both Directing Assisted Living communities. I met her at a conference and we discussed new ideas and she invited me to tour Porter HIlls Village. I immediately felt an admiration for her. It wasn’t until many years later that I joined the Porter Hills team to be a part of a new Joint Venture with The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids which created Marywood Health Center. Little did I know that I would be working so closely with an already admired collegue. In the three years that we have worked together a wonderful bond was created between the two of us. Ingrid always has a way of making you feel that you are the most important when she is with you. Ingrid is and always will be my greatly admired and loved friend, mentor, coach, mother, wife and daughter. There will never be another Ingrid but we must use the gifts she has given us all to carry out her legacy. With all of my love…….

  43. Judi Siegert says:

    Prayers for Ingrid’s family during this incredible time of loss for them. Ingrid was a mentor to many; I looked up to her professionalism so much, and can only hope to have even a tiny bit of the grace she had.
    I will miss teasing her about what was in those green power smoothies.

  44. Mina Breuker says:

    My heart is breaking for all of you, the Porter Hills family and Ingrid’s family. Porter Hills and the retirement industry lost one of our best! I like to think that she is now reaping the rewards of her work as a good and faithful servant, who served some of the most vulnerable of God’s children. She was a blessing to everyone who came in contact with her. She will be greatly missed.

  45. Steve Zuiderveen says:

    Ingrid was a person that helped me to understand what it meant to genuinely care about others. Her legacy of compassion will continue to live in the very fabric of Porter Hills, the communities in which she served, and in her family. Our prayers continue for all of you touched by this sad loss.

  46. Valerie Ambrose says:

    Ingrid was a bright spirit and woman of true grace, wisdom and compassion. May God comfort and sustain her family and loved ones in this time of deep grief, and may Ingrid now rest in light and peace eternal with God and all the saints.

  47. Casey Schwarze says:

    Your contributions to Porter Hills and the Grand Rapids community will never be forgotten. Thank you for always inspiring me to keep moving forward with my career. I will be forever grateful for your influence.

  48. Laura knapp says:

    May God be with you during these hard times. Prayers for the family.

    Laura Knapp

  49. Ryan Wiltzer says:

    Goodbye Ingrid. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration.

  50. Joseph Stojak says:

    I have been affiliated in one way or another with Porter Hills for 30 years, most recently as a Board member since 1997. Ingrid was passionate about serving the residents and patients of Porter Hills with respect and dignity. She was a true professional and could be trusted to perform any assignment.

    When I first heard of Ingrid’s illness and subsequent passing, the first thought I had was of the few times I ran into her at Forest Hills Foods, where she was undoubtedly shopping for the family. She always had a smile and was so gracious.

    I will miss working with her.

    My wife, Jean, and I express our deepest and sincere condolences to her entire family. We hope that her friends and family can take solace in the fact that Ingrid truly lived the mission of the Gospel.

  51. Mary McLoughlin says:

    It was my distinct pleasure to have worked with Ingrid on various projects at Porter Hills for over a decade. She was a trusted colleague and a wonderful person. My heart goes out to her entire family, but especially her husband, daughters and mother. Her life was tragically cut short and it is we who are here, with broken hearts, missing all that she was to us in life.

  52. Cheryl Van Bemden says:

    Ingrid made a difference in the lives of many including my own. She connected with people in an amazing way. Thank you Matt, Olivia and Maddie for sharing her with the Porter Hills family.

  53. Jim Preston says:

    Ingrid Weaver was a passionate and compassionate professional! She led by example and was a true servant leader. The Porter Hills family will forever be better because of Ingrid’s investment in us!!

  54. Patty Rawson says:

    We here on earth lost and angel. But Heaven gained one. I worked with Ingrid for years. And she always inspired me.

  55. Sue Stoddard says:

    My condolences to Ingrid’s family and her Porter Hills’ family. It was a privilege working with her and seeing the results of initiatives she championed. She truly cared about providing high quality services to seniors.

  56. Sarah Milanowski says:

    Our hearts and heads cannot comprehend the sudden lose of our dear friend. Maddie, Olivia, Matt, Tieke- thank you for sharing her with us all these years. May special memories bring you some comforts, now and always. As someone who is newer to the PH family, I consider myself fortunate to have learned from Ingrid as she passionately advocated for our elders. Thinking of you all.

  57. Marcy Emmelkamp says:

    It is hard to put in to words what Ingrid’s passing means to the Porter Hills community and me, personally, as so many of my significant memories over the last 12+ years have included Ingrid. I have been impressed by her professionalism, poise, depth of knowledge, and passion for seniors. Ingrid was such a powerful example of leadership and I have learned a great deal from her.
    I have appreciated Ingrid’s support to me both in my role and as a person. She would ask about my family, about initiatives that I was involved with, and genuinely cared how I was doing. In addition to her other roles, Ingrid was my direct supervisor during two interim periods and I always admired her wisdom and grace during times of transition.
    Matt, Olivia, Maddie, and Tieke, I remember, most, her great affection for all of you. I am praying for all of you during this difficult time.

  58. Carol Downer says:

    Words are never enough . . . may God be with you during these difficult times. My prayers and thoughts are everyone that knew Ingrid; she was one of a kind.

  59. Lois Vanderstel says:

    I have known of Ingrid for many years, but did not have the opportunity to know her well. Whenever I met her she was very kind and caring. She always asked about my daughter whom she used to work with as a supervisor on Cedar Court many years ago. Matt, Olivia and Maddie, you have my sincere symapthy. Thoughts and prayers are with you, in what will be a very difficult time.

  60. Ingrid was loved by everyone who knew her and I will miss her immensely. I especially remember working closely with Ingrid after Dave Douma passed away. She stepped up to take leadership at Porter Hills and held us all together. I pray the Weaver family will find comfort in this time of painful loss.

  61. Richard and Judith Rathburn says:

    Ingrid was loved by everyone who knew her, and I will miss her immensely. I especially remember working closely with Ingrid during the devastating weeks following Dave Douma’s passing. She stepped up to take leadership of Porter Hills and held all of us together.
    We pray the Weaver family will find comfort in this time of painful loss.

  62. Milt Rohwer says:

    Barb and I knew Ingrid in her capacity as a staff leader/executive at Porter Hills. We were continually impressed with her competence, dedication, and professionalism. These qualities were especially evident and appreciated during her stint as the interim CEO at the time of David Duma’s death and until Larry Yachcik was hired. Thanks to Ingrid and her team of colleagues progress and innovation at Porter Hills continued without missing a beat. The Porter Hills community can and will always be grateful.

  63. Maia Bonner says:

    I am sending my thoughts and love to Ingrid’s family and to her extended family at Porter Hills. Having worked with Porter Hills’ sales and marketing teams for several years, I was always well aware of the level of respect she deserved and was given by those she worked with and served. May you all find comfort in the legacy she leaves with you and your undoubtedly warm memories. With love, Maia

  64. Tim Moon says:

    I had the privilege and honor to work with Ingrid on a few different occasions. She was always kind, thoughtful and showed her passion for her job and life in general. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, Matt, Olivia and Maddie, and hope you can find peace in your memories of Ingrid. Take care.

  65. Although we never met Ingrid, we are friends of her sister Barb and her husband Lon. These two wonderful people are a reflection of a family that shared a deep love that radiated to many others. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. May you find peace in knowing that she shared so much with those with whom she lived and worked.

  66. Carol Helsel says:

    In the words of Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Ingrid showered people with kindness, grace, concern, and compassion, along with a dose of reality, an honest opinion, a practical viewpoint, and a straightforward approach. It made those who knew her feel they had encountered that rare person who embodies everything a person of character and integrity should possess. Ingrid was a blessing to many and I will carry her in my heart forever. My prayers go out to her family and friends, that they will find comfort and peace in knowing the significant mark she made on this world.

  67. Francina Roberts says:

    Dear Matt, Olivia, and Maddie,
    Your Mom/Wife, as you know, was an exceptional woman. I first met her when I took my sister, who needed a safe place to stay, to meet her at Harmony Hall. Her grasp of how to treat people with memory loss was amazing. Our family never worried about Tommie while she was there. Her love for the residents in her care was shown in many ways, especially by the respect she showed in her interactions with them. She showed the same love and respect for family members of the residents. Since then I have worked with Ingrid on affordable housing boards. Again, the dignity of the residents who lived in affordable housing were treated with the same love and respect. She approached board members with the same love and respect. Jesus said the greatest commandment is love. Your Mom/Wife was the embodiment of that commandment. Perhaps it will comfort you to know you are not alone in feeling her absence. Remembering you in prayer.

  68. Lynn Locke says:

    I met Ingrid by chance at an aging 2.0 event. We immediately struck up a conversation. As fate would have we were connected again a few months later. She was a kind woman who was truly authentic. I am sure her presence will be missed. My condolences to her family and close colleagues.

  69. Anne Benson says:

    I had the pleasure and the privilege of working with Ingrid for 12 years at Porter Hills. We went through the good, the bad and the ugly together as a team (mostly good), and over the course of those 12 years we formed a lasting friendship. I learned a lot from Ingrid and trusted her completely. She is missed. My heart goes out to Matt, Olivia and Maddie.

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