The Sage serves an individual Green House® home and acts as an advisor, facilitator, counselor, and role model to the Shahbazim and the elders. The Sage may also act as a liaison with the organization’s administrative team including the Guide, DON, and the CEO as needed. His or her communication with the Shahbazim is considered strictly confidential except if the information involves elder abuse, neglect, or potentially dangerous circumstances. These issues must be reported immediately to the Guide. The Sage visits the Green House® home on a regular basis and participates in house and team meetings. Sages comply with all volunteer policies established by the organization.


  • Community volunteer with wisdom
  • Older adult preferred with experience in: leadership, counseling, human services, or organizational development
  • Experience and skill working in group settings
  • Must have a caring heart for senior adults

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Attending team meetings as mutually agreed to by the house team and the Sage
  • Coaching the self-managed work team as they encounter the challenges of creating an effective working group
  • Mentoring individuals who need additional support in working as an effective part of a self-managed team and assuming the expanded responsibilities of the transition from CNA to Shahbaz
  • Encouraging the team as they develop problem solving and decision-making skills required in their new roles
  • Providing feedback on the team’s progress as a whole as well as that of individual team members and making suggestions for improvement as needed
  • Encouraging celebration of successes and continuous self–assessment
  • Serving as a resource for elders and families


  • Flexible


  • 1 year