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Teamwork makes the dreamwork porter hills human resources employment

 Porter Hills exists to provide top quality accommodations and the finest service and support to our residents and customers. Though the needs of residents, clients, and members are always our number one priority, we work to be responsive to the needs of our employees as well. There are many different jobs at Porter Hills and every employee is a valued member of the team. We all work together in a spirit of friendly cooperation and service. 

We are always hiring smiling faces!

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For the 16th consecutive year, we are proud to be named one of “West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.” Only companies that distinguish themselves as having the most innovative and thoughtful human resources approach can be bestowed this honor.


“‘It takes a village’ is a motto I say a lot and we practice that in everything we do here. It’s the The Care Partners, the Culinary Team, The Leadership Team, Maintenance, the Housekeeper. Teamwork, dedication, pleases, thank yous, simple gestures and providing each person that works and lives here with unconditional love, support and respect.

There is not one specific person who is instrumental; it’s everyone here.  We all touch each elder’s lives in some way.”   – Kelly S.